Black truffle sauce

Black truffle sauce

Serves 4 People

Difficulty level:  Easy

Preparation:  5 min

Cooking time:  5 min



1- Cut the truffles the thinnest and smallest possible. They should be pulverized to obtain a creamy sauce.

2- Boil the juice in a small pot on low fire.

3- Add a bit of the butter and whisk until the mixture becomes creamy.

4- Add the rest of the butter and keep mixing.

5- Stop the fire, add the truffles and mix until you get a thick creamy sauce.

6- Add salt and pepper.

Bon Appétit!


Tips :

  • Serve immediately as the sauce doesn’t stick together and stay creamy for long.
  • Excellent sauce for soft-boiled egg, asparagus, meat and white fish.

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